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The right lighting can increase an establishment's sales.
May 18, 2018, 2 p.m.

Being a lighting designer is being responsible for directing the eyes of others. It is being a visual literacy teacher. It is to offer bright comfort to all who want to hire us and enjoy this necessary pleasure (TORMANN, 2010). With all this influence, the right lighting can increase sales of an establishment, as stated by Bull (2008) using supermarkets as examples.


Just as important as promotions, audience identity and layout, lighting also influences retail sales. If well planned and aligned with the store strategy, it becomes a powerful marketing tool. Well lit, a product attracts the eye. A wrong light, on the other hand, distorts colors and drives your customer away from the gondola. Ideally, the light used in the most different spaces reproduces as closely as possible the real colors and textures of what is intended to be sold (BULL, 2008).


The architect and director of Opus Design (company that designs projects for retail) Kátia Bello, states that “lighting has almost scenic power in a store”, which highlights the importance of a good lighting design (BULL, 2008). In the competitive market where we find ourselves, most of the acting professionals are not academically educated, but sympathetic.


Commercial interests are at stake, but artificial light projects in both technological and psychological aspects must be further studied, observed, and designed to meet people's needs, desires, and well-being.


Source: Specialize - OnLine Magazine - Ipog.