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The power of the lens! The Importance of Correct Specification in Lighting Design
May 23, 2018, 9 a.m.

Imagine that you can direct light from a luminaire to where you really want it to be lit.

This is the function of the optical lenses of LED luminaires.

In this case, illustrated in the images, in a wholesaler, the customer wants the pallet trucks and gondolas to be illuminated rather than above them. That is, any light that hits the top of the truck is wasteful.

We understand that these luminaires should direct the light longitudinally and have little opening to the sides, making an oval light shape, optimizing results with the lowest possible consumption.

Good luminaire distribution is also important so as not to cause glare and avoid work accidents.

By: Gustavo Fialho - MG Unit Director - LEDAX - Professional Lighting