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Photovoltaic solar system is alternative in condominiums to ensure lower expenses
July 29, 2019, 12:54 p.m.

In times of rising electricity bills and little money, any help at the end of the month is welcome. An alternative is the installation of solar power system, which will greatly reduce the cost in the pocket and represents a good economy. Generating its own energy through a photovoltaic system is a growing desire among builders.

Luis Henrique Capanema Pedrosa, Construtora MRV's executive supply manager, says the idea is to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of the projects, converting solar energy into electricity. \"The energy generated is consumed locally and, when there is a surplus, it is injected into the distribution grid of the local energy utility,\" he points out. According to him, at the end of the month a compensation is made between the total energy injected and the total consumed, and may even cover almost the entire consumption of the condominium.

According to Rodrigo Travi, CEO of Ledax Energy and Lighting, the tendency is that within each building plan a solar power system is already planned. “For this, it is very important that the projects are already designed with structures that can support the weight of solar plates and have a good solar incidence in the planned areas. The system still adds positive sales and marketing value to the buildings, ”he comments.

The real estate market has found sustainable concepts as a better form of environmental management and a means of attracting clients. \"The construction companies would have more valued projects and would help spread the importance of power generation through clean and renewable sources,\" says Luis Henrique.

Photovoltaic energy generates a reduction in the maintenance cost, since it reduces expenses, generating savings that can be reversed to the condominium itself. \"Another point that should be highlighted is that more and more municipalities are adopting the\" Green Property Tax \", which gives discounts on this tax to enterprises that implement sustainable actions,\" recalls the Executive.


Among the benefits of the installation for the owners, the executive manager emphasizes that, with the money saved with the local energy, it is possible to guarantee improvements to the building itself, adding value to the project and valuing the units. “In addition to having the power being generated by a clean source, a solar-generated condominium can reverse the savings in benefits such as painting common areas, various improvements in furniture and landscaping,” he says.

For this, the system must be assembled at a strategic point. According to Rodrigo Travi, the essential feature that can make the installation of the system unfeasible is the shading caused by trees, antennas, surrounding buildings, poles etc. “Ideally, in addition to no shading, the surface is flat and unpaved for land, and in good condition for slabs and roofs.” Normally, the installation is done on the roofs, which must withstand this load. extra, but can also be made as parking cover.

Despite the advantages, the entire project must be in tune with this trend. “It is important to note that the deployment of photovoltaic systems must be accompanied by energy-efficient installation projects using LEDs and sensors to maximize results,” concludes Luis Henrique Capanema.