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Color temperature: How to use
Dec. 22, 2017, 10:44 a.m.

Often placed in the background, the light of a space makes a big difference in the end result. One of the criteria that can help you choose the right lighting for your environment is the color temperature.

The color temperature, despite the word, has to do with its hue. The higher the color temperature, the brighter the hue. The measurement used is Kelvin (K). Above 5300K, the temperature will be cold and will emit lighter tones, already below 3300K, the temperature will be hot and will emit darker tones.

Color temperature can directly influence the activities performed in the environment, including increasing employee productivity or the length of time people stay in that space (for sale spaces).

Each color temperature must be used for specific purposes in order to obtain the expected result. Warm temperatures are often used in dormitories, living rooms, showcases, places where you want to feel comfortable and welcoming. If the idea is to turn the environment into a stimulating place where people need to be alert as a workplace or service area, use cooler luminaires.

There is also the closest color temperature to natural light, which lies between the two temperatures, 3300K and 5300K. This color can be used in any environment, especially where color fidelity of objects in space is required.