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LED lighting advantages to your pocket and to the planet through a totally Brazilian company
Jan. 28, 2019, 5:11 p.m.

We know that lessening the impact of human action on the environment and developing more sustainable realities is humanity's urgent mission to be placed as a priority for yesterday. But if the great transformations often seem so unattainable, what can we do in our day to day to begin to change our habits towards a better and more sustainable future? Among the many possibilities, one of the most accessible and objective is to abandon the old lamps and use LED lighting.


The advantages are many, and mix environmental and economic benefits - this being the first and most common argument: the energy use savings amount to 80%, a difference that can be felt in the light bill and thus in our pockets. But it's not just our budget that thanks, but the planet itself, since various characteristics of LED lamps make them environmentally friendly.


With a much longer life span, which can reach up to 100,000 hours of use, higher resistance, much higher light transmission efficiency - also significant savings - and especially the use of non-toxic and completely recyclable materials makes these lamps best friends of the environment.


If it's good for us, for our pockets and for the planet, using LED lighting is a perfect example of the change we can make in our own lives, on a domestic but mostly industrial scale - and that is where Ledax services come in, Brazilian company of high performance LED lighting for industries.


What LEDax offers is the manufacture of LED luminaire providing energy savings through a long-life and fully recyclable product. And the company's own success is the measure of the effectiveness and importance of such a paradigm shift in our lighting: within three years Ledax has already illuminated industries, hospital networks, universities, malls and even stadiums - of reais. And if demand has been so significant is because the environmental and especially financial difference for businesses is also radical.


According to partners Rodrigo Travi and Hugo Vasconcelos, hiring Ledax is the guarantee of an impressive difference in your budget. A large network of stores, for example, investing a few millions to change all its lighting by LED luminaires of the company, through the economy in the expense of light would not only have its investment back in only one year, as it would save millions from now on, especially in view of the reality of costs that traditional lighting still represents - and all this at Ledax, at an even lower cost, because it is a product made in Brazil.


It was this case of business, environmental and financial success that Rodrigo and Hugo took to fish one of the Shark Tank Brazil investors and bring him to become a partner of Ledax. From the outset the duo of the company clearly had target John Appolinário, owner of the network of stores and TV channels Polishop.


And the bait worked out: John was interested in the business but, shark he is, he hardened in the negotiation and the proposal. This led to one of the most interesting negotiations of the program, with a happy ending for all involved: Ledax, who won the partner he wanted, Appolinário, who entered into a lucrative and promising business, and the planet, which sees solidifying an industry which profits without destroying our environment. The Shark Tank Brasil will air on the Sony Channel on Fridays at 10pm with a Sunday rush at 11pm. Episodes can also be viewed by the Sony Channel app or at






Text originally published by the Hypeness website in November 2018 to publicize the episode of the Shark Tank Brasil program in which LEDAX members participated.