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Salvador Shopping Mall

Salvador Shopping Mall

Salvador | BA

Customization project started from the need to improve existing lighting within Salvador Shopping, using 50W Cannons to generate greater efficiency, standardization of lighting and lower consumption. The replacement of previous lighting estimates and reduction in installed load / consumption of 60%.

All luminaires have a lifetime of 70,000 hours and a 5-year warranty.

Nagem Stores

Nagem Stores


Standard lighting design for NAGEM stores around Brazil, using 19W Downlight Round luminaires, seeking to achieve greater uniformity in lighting and ensure greater beauty, safety and energy efficiency.

All luminaires have a lifetime of 70,000 hours and a 5-year warranty.

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Fábrica Bahia: Av. Cardeal Arelar Brandão Vilela, 2572, Jardim Santo Inácio - Salvador/BA, CEP - 41231-400

Unidade de Negócios Bahia: Av Tancredo Neves, 3343, Edf Cempre, Torre A. Salas 1403/1404 , Salvador - BA

Unidade de Negócios Minas Gerais: Rua Aspásia de Miranda Mourão, 25. Salas 208/209, Belo Horizonte - MG

Unidade de Negócios Rio de Janeiro: Rua do Passeio, 38, Edf. Passeio Corporate, torre 2, 15º andar - Centro  Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Unidade de Negócios São Paulo: Rua Jose Versolato, 111,  Domo Business, Torre B, 35º andar - Centro São Bernardo do Campo - SP  

Unidade de Negócios Shanghai: Room 1807, Huijin building, East Shanghai road 168, Taicang city, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China



Atendimento S | SE:  (11) 3042-7850 - UN São Paulo

Atendimento N | NE | CO : (71) 3023-3941 / 9 9924-6704  - UN Bahia

Atendimento MG: (31) 3234-6285 - UN Minas Gerais

Atendimento RJ: (21) 2184-6411 - UN Rio de Janeiro



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