About Us

LEDAX is an industry that provides energy efficiency solutions through LED lighting and photovoltaic power generation.
The industrial unit is located in Salvador / BA, with modern equipment and a dynamic productive capacity to serve customers with punctuality. The team of engineers is capable and constantly updated to bring cutting-edge technology to the production line. LEDAX has four commercial offices: São Bernardo do Campo / SP, Belo Horizonte / MG, Rio de Janeiro / RJ and Salvador / BA, which allows customers to serve their customers in a personalized way, leading to high efficiency lighting projects combined with innovative products. We provide solutions in LED lighting of high energy efficiency, the right measure for each client. And now we are providing energy-saving solutions with photovoltaic circuits for power generation. The main areas of activity are: Industries, Supermarkets, Distribution Centers, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and Public Lighting. In LED luminaires, we work from the engineering of the product, with the creation, 3D modeling and design of LED plates with SMT mounting with ISO9001 seal, to metallurgy, with stamping, soldering and finishing with electrostatic painting and luminaire assembly. In the area of \u200b\u200bpower generation, we provide the photovoltaic circuit as well as support, monitoring and maintenance. LEDAX manufactures its products with a rigorous process of quality to deliver to its clients luminaries of high level. Our final product is not something quantitative, but a solution. And as such, we prepare each one in a personalized way to meet all our client's needs.

Perfomance Map

  • Fábrica
    Fábrica Bahia - Salvador
  • Escritório
    Unidade de Negócios Bahia - Salvador
  • Unidade de Negócios Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte
  • Unidade de Negócios Rio de Janeiro - Centro Rio de Janeiro
  • Unidade de Negócios São Paulo - Centro São Bernado do Campo
  • Unidade de Negócios Shangai - Taicang city, Suzhou, Jiangsu





Fábrica Bahia: Av. Cardeal Arelar Brandão Vilela, 2572, Jardim Santo Inácio - Salvador/BA, CEP - 41231-400

Unidade de Negócios Bahia: Av Tancredo Neves, 3343, Edf Cempre, Torre A. Salas 1403/1404 , Salvador - BA

Unidade de Negócios Minas Gerais: Rua Aspásia de Miranda Mourão, 25. Salas 208/209, Belo Horizonte - MG

Unidade de Negócios Rio de Janeiro: Rua do Passeio, 38, Edf. Passeio Corporate, torre 2, 15º andar - Centro  Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Unidade de Negócios São Paulo: Rua Jose Versolato, 111,  Domo Business, Torre B, 35º andar - Centro São Bernardo do Campo - SP  

Unidade de Negócios Shanghai: Room 1807, Huijin building, East Shanghai road 168, Taicang city, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China



Atendimento S | SE:  (11) 3042-7850 - UN São Paulo

Atendimento N | NE | CO : (71) 3023-3941 / 9 9924-6704  - UN Bahia

Atendimento MG: (31) 3234-6285 - UN Minas Gerais

Atendimento RJ: (21) 2184-6411 - UN Rio de Janeiro

Email contato@ledax.com.br


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