Linear | Perfiled (Surface Mounting) 20W/m

Ledax Perfiled luminaires are suited for indoor lighting in hospitals, offices and malls, because they have a high luminous efficiency and finish in aluminum and galvanized steel with a polycarbonate diffuser. The Surface Mounting Perfiled has an ideal fitting for open ceilings or rooms not requiring recessed fixtures.


Voltage: 220Vac (50-60Hz)

Color Temperature: 2700K / 4000K / 5000K / 6500K

Protection Index: IP20

Lifespan: 60.000h

Beam Angle: 120º

    • Voltage: 220Vac (50-60Hz)
    • Color Temperature: 2700K/4000K/5000K/6500K
    • Protection Index: IP20
    • Lifespan: 60.000h
    • Beam Angle: 120º
  • Linear | Perfiled (Surface Mounting) 20W/m
    • Offices and Commercial Rooms
    • Drugstores
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Supermarkets